Studio 3 is a large, rectangular studio with a fully sprung Harlequin dance floor. The space is large in terms of its length and would be ideal for dance classes, rehearsals, indoor soft sports, and other exercise classes. It can also be used for larger meetings or groups. It has frosted windows around the perimeter, providing both natural light and privacy. There is also a music playback system and built in speakers in the studio. Studio 3 has its own private corridor that can only be accessed with a swipe card, which provides a level of privacy for the activity participants.

Studio 3 is hired as one space, but it can be divided into two studios using a robust acoustic dividing panel. This enables the studio user to run two simultaneous classes or activities at the same time.

Key Info:
Name: Studio 3
Size: 92 Sqm
Maximum Capacity: 120 people (60 people per space of partition is used)
Equipment: Music Playback and Speakers
Standard Hourly Rate: £154+VAT

Please contact us if you need to discuss discounted hire.

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