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NipSlip: Comedy Night!

NipSlip: Comedy Night!

7th June 7:30pm

A night of comedy including (but not limited to): sketch, stand-up, clown and much much more!

NipSlip Productions is the chaotic brain child of Tallula White and Dulcie Godfrey.

The pair met at University, when Dulcie commented on Tallula’s giant ankles, and thought they were hilarious. From then, it was love.

They spent lockdown in their student flat, drinking cheap wine and writing stupid sketches for stage and screen. Somehow, this led to over 900,000 likes and millions of views on social media.

And now, the duo are ready for the stage…

HUSH Festival

HUSH Festival

14th-20th June

At Chelsea Theatre we feel that every story has value, and that everyone has a right to be heard, and too often we hear from members of our communities that they feel without a voice. To combat this, Chelsea Theatre is combining our dual roles as a community and arts hub, and shaping ourselves as a storytelling venue for unheard and denied voices. To launch this strategy we are having the first edition of our festival of storytelling; HUSH Festival.
HUSH is a week-long celebration of these stories and storytellers exploring three open questions:
SHARING – How do we create an environment that encourages citizens to share stories that have not yet been heard?
SHAPING – How do we structure a relationship between these storytellers and creative professionals that is truly collaborative, and produces high quality cultural output.
SHOWING – How do we ensure that these stories reach those that need to hear them most?
Please join us from the 14th – 20th of June for 7 days of drama, dance, films, poetry, exhibitions, talks and interactive storytelling installations.
HUSH is a pay-in-kind festival, all events are free, we just ask that you ‘pay’ with a story!


Wednesday 03 July, 8pm

Eliot Smith Dance (ESD) returns to Chelsea Theatre and embraces the past and future with the premiere of Paul Taylor’s ‘DUET’ from 1964, alongside Eliot Smith’s latest work – ‘HUMAN’.

Celebrating 60 years since its first performance by Paul Taylor Dance Company, DUET joins the ESD repertoire. Set to the music of Franz Josef Haydn, it is a testament to the simplicity and clarity of Taylor’s craft. Brief and beautifully shaped, it portrays a love, perhaps not new, but rather tried and true, perfectly executed by two ESD dancers, Rowan Parker and Yamit Salazar.

HUMAN, performed by the Performing Artist of the Year finalist (North East Culture Awards 2023) Yamit Salazar, the work comprises cutting edge contemporary and commercial dancing, exploring the joys, sorrows, idiocies and the brilliance of anything human, set to powerful music by ESD’s composer in residence Adam Johnson.

Expect ESD dancers to dazzle you with technical brilliance and sublime energy.

“An impressive and captivating performance” Graham Watts, tanz
“Human has a triumph-over-the-odds backstory worthy of an opener” Cultured North East
“One of the greatest performances I’ve seen for a very long time” Audience Response


This performance will include a Post Talk Show in the theatre.
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One Last Drink

One Last Drink

12th & 13th July Doors Open at 7pm, 14th July Doors Open at 6.30pm

One last drink explores the unspoken burden of the “strong friend.” We’ve all heard that saying before “check on your strong friend” especially when another suicide hits the news. People suddenly begin to remember to check on their strong friends. One last drink shows how the person carrying the least bits of weakness and smiling through the most amount of pain isn’t strong, but they are hiding. In a world so fixated on romantic love, the play highlights the love between 4 friends and how sometimes no matter how powerful that love is, it just wasn’t enough to save their friend from the hands of suicide and depression.

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The Glory and The Bush, A Manual for Bush People

The Glory and The Bush, A Manual for Bush People

27th September 2024

From Europe to America, the ancient rubbles of eternity, a seemingly shining bush who speaks like a God to his chosen people: “I’m going to make a third World in my image and in my likeness, I will teach them my ways in bright sayings, they will see through the eyes of my dreams, and the tablets of my wisdom will be their Culture. 

He paused and continued saying: “I will be their light, and they will be my Glory… this is my gift to you, my children”.

Little did they know, that from beginning of time, he never was a god, he was just a silly bush, and his voice was the dream of a people, the bush people. So they took his voice, and lit their dreams in fire and burning sulfur.

John Olaoluwa Modupe is a Nigerian/Italian stand up comedian, his new hour “The Glory & the Bush” (a Manual for bush people) premieres September 27th in London at The Chelsea Theatre.

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