HUSH 2024

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At Chelsea Theatre we feel that every story has value, and that everyone has a right to be heard. Often, we hear from members of our communities that they feel unheard and without a voice. The Chelsea Theatre’s creative strategy, combining our dual roles as a community and arts hub, is as a storytelling venue for unheard and denied voices.

To launch this strategy we are having the first edition of our festival of storytelling; HUSH Festival.

HUSH is a week-long celebration of these stories and storytellers exploring three open questions:

SHARING – How do we create an environment that encourages citizens to share stories that have not yet been heard?

SHAPING – How do we structure a relationship between these storytellers and creative professionals that is truly collaborative, and produces high quality cultural output.

SHOWING – How do we ensure that these stories reach those that most need to hear them?

Please join us from the 14th – 20th of June for 7 days of drama, dance, films, poetry, exhibitions, talks and interactive storytelling installations.

Help us create a space where stories that have yet been told come to life.

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