The artist Maya Sanbar presents an incredible installation, QUILT PATCH, made from recycled fabrics celebrating human expressions of happiness.

Taking the form of stories quilted onto flags, it hangs from the Chelsea Theatre’s exterior and surrounds the piazza from June to September 2022.

Made collaboratively in cross-generational sewing and storytelling workshops, using donated materials from the community and fabrics saved from landfills via @Forestrecyclingproject, this artwork is a reminder of the creativity, shared wisdom, unique identities, and resonant voices of participants.

Many thanks to all the communities involved, especially The Chelsea Theatre, Cremorne Chelsea Farmhouse, Ashburnham School, St John’s Church, Oratory Primary School, and all residents of the Worlds End Estate. 


Artist: Maya Sanbar

Technical & Sewing Lead: Anita O’Brien

Project Manager: Christina Shoucair

Workshop Coordinator: Barbara Ofori-Boateng 


Supported by The Muse Gallery with funding from RBKC CLLL.